Being part of the Black family led by GOD is such a wonderfully compelling experience. Realizing that I am a descendant of a people, who through GOD’s grace, endured the horrific kidnapping and shipment in the bowels of the slave ships all the way through the chained and Jim Crow oppressive slavery, I am so grateful and inspired. My parents and their parents and their parents’ parents and so on, hid within their hearts the blessed hope of freedom. They passed it on through Black Family Values until it gave fruit in us today. That fruit of freedom is manifested in the accomplishments and achievements in my personal life, in your life, and the collective lives of our people, The Black Family.

We were raised to strive to be the very best we could be, to be honest and GOD fearing, We were taught that when we stepped out of our houses, we represented in every thing that we did, our mothers and fathers or guardians, the entire family and the entire Black race.  We were taught that we had to be twice as good just to have the slightest chance at success in the world controlled by the White oppressors.  We were disciplined, physically, mentally and spiritually to be good people and positive members of society. Now here we are…Though as a result of Black Family Values, the Black family through the 1980s thrived (even through unimaginable adversity), the latest generation has suffered greatly because of the loss of those values.

So, we invite you to share how Black Family Values have been a blessing to you. Share how your parents or guardians raised you to be obedient, diligent, loving and caring. Share some of the wisdom you received that made you a successful person. By success we don’t mean just professionally (that’s incredible too), but we want you to share the success of being a happy everyday person who loves your parents, your family, your people and GOD. Share the success that comes from Black Family Values.